(Updated!) Caption THIS: Maybe She’s Born With It…Maybe It’s Meowbelline?

Great photo as spotted on the Mostly Cats, Mostly Tumblr. Give ‘er your best caption, and we’ll update at noon PT!

(Updated 12:51pm PT: Supernug #FTW!



  1. The Siren of the Island was rarely seen since all who gazed upon it succumbed to her mezmerizing cute!

  2. Hairy Potto says:

    Cats meets Phantom of the Opera!

  3. mauderules says:

    Behind blue eyes

  4. Harvey Dent considers his next plan to thwart Batdog…

  5. _I_ didn’t steal food off the table, that was an entirely different cat!

  6. “Next time I sleep in the sunbeam, I’ll sleep on my left side.” Beautiful kitty.

  7. Caption this: Blue Eyes….Baby’s got blue eyes…..(Elton John)

  8. Gives new meaning to being two faced.

  9. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  10. “You are crying! You are afraid of me! And yet I am not really wicked. Love me and you shall see! All I wanted was to be loved for myself.”
    ― Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera

  11. Yep, Picasso was my hoomin… How did you know? (He did my eyes during his Blue Period.)

  12. So which look is better – the dark or the light fur with highlights?

  13. I’m beautiful and I know it

  14. [Said in Jerry Seinfeld’s voice]: “Racial-harmony kitteh!”

  15. All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.

  16. Allright Mr. Demille, I’m ready for my closeup.

  17. You will curse the day you did not do / all that the Phantom asked of you!

  18. Liz Lintel says:

    Everyone calls me Two-Face, but I prefer Catwoman!

  19. Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s Meowbelline?

  20. Hi, I’m Ying and this is Yang!

  21. what is all the fuss about kitty

  22. Guess I forgots the sunscreen on one side…

  23. Yep, Picasso was my hoomin… How did you know? (He did my eyes during his Blue Period.)

  24. I don’t know this “Janus” to whom you refer.

  25. “You either flee from home or live there long enough to become a lolcat”

  26. J L Porter says:

    Aren’t black and white parties divine!

  27. Ha ha ha love your caption supernug! 😉

  28. New Broadway Show! The Phantom of the Cats Opera!

  29. toborzgrrl says:

    Sasha vows to never use the Transporter again.

  30. dang it! that’s the LAST time i hit the tanning bed on a 50% COUPON!!!

  31. Congrats, Supbernug! Purrfect job!

  32. OMG yay! I’m glad you liked it! I visit Cute Overload every workday morning; maybe one day I’ll submit pics of my tuxedo kitties! 😀

  33. Supernug, you’re my hero today!

  34. AWW 😀 What a pretty looking kitty 😀

  35. Jellyfluff says:

    Call me Harvey Dent.

  36. Soooo beautiful 🙂 🌸