“That’s IT! I Am SICK OF Shark Week!”

[Sharks get all the publicity this week! Look what I think of THAT! Why U haz no kitteh week???]

Via Peter Green @ Providence Raptors.



  1. Every week is Kitteh week!

  2. Sara took the words right out of my mouf. And I don’t even have a cat! 🙂

  3. Sharks have nothing on the sheer ferocity of the kitteh

  4. I swear what Sara posted was one of my thoughts before I saw her post. I think I thought “every week is kitteh week” and then I thought “everyday is kitteh day”. All you cute enthusiasts prolly already know this but Animal Planet has a special every once in awhile called “Too Cute” and it has all kinds of super cute kittehs and pups. That particular show pairs very well with some Cute Overload. Maybe one day Cute Overload will invade the television!

  5. The National Geographic Wild Channel has a Big Cat Week. It will be in November this year.

  6. AWW 😀 What a cute black and white kitty 😀

  7. It makes me very HAPPY to see a picture of a black cat (even one with lots of white) on Cute Overload. I’ve heard recently that a lot of people don’t want black cats – mainly because they are challenging to photograph (for Selfies). Come on, everyone, send in your photos of cute BLACK CATS!

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    omg the whiskairs people, the white whiskairs on the black face!! That should be a whole new separate rule of cuteness.