Poll: Are Creepy Crawlies Cute?

I’ll draw the line at Spiders (except for the ones who do YMCA)- but take a look at these fellows. Sender-Inner Anne S. says, “Finally, there’s proof! Baby snails are cute too! (And start out really really really tiny. It’s surprising they survive at all with this teeny weeny size and their rather obvious lack of speed.”)

What do you think? Cute, or Creepy? Take the Poll!

foto 1

foto 2



  1. Could we please do a poll regarding bats? I’m extremely phobic and when I happen upon a bat pic on CO I freak out!

  2. Hurry…to the Bat Poll. OK. We’ll do it. And that is the headline right there.

  3. But need some deets from you- what do u mean specifically?

  4. SO CUTE!!! I think almost anything small is cute though. Not spiders. Spiders I always hate. 😦

  5. they start out smaller. if you can see spiral in the shell, they’ve done some growing.

  6. Blair, cool fact! I didn’t know that. Brinke, hee, good pun! Bat wings are the scariest. Then there’s their icky feet. Their ears are completely terrifying, maybe worse than their wings. Maaaaayyyyybe bat ‘tocks are cute, but I’ve never seen ’em. Bat pictures should come with warnings and lots of room to scroll with my eyese closed. 🙂 I know bats are good, useful creatures. They are not, however, at all cute. Ever. (The cute is quite subjective, is it not? I, for one, don’t mind spiders at all.)

  7. P.S. but I completely empathize with those who are scared of spideys!

  8. I’m with Jodi–fraid of bats but not spideys.

  9. I have to disagree – bats are the very pinnacle of awesomeness and frequently heart-meltingly cute.

    Jodi – perhaps you need to meet one. Lee Durrell, Gerald Durrell’s widow, met someone who was extremely phobic about bats, and took her into the bat enclosure at Jersey Zoo. One of the flying fox bats inspected the lady with its huge liquid eyes, sniffed her inquiringly, then felt her face very gently with its thumbs – and she fell in love with it instantly. I don’t know if she was completely cured of her phobia, but maybe the first step is just meeting That Special Bat.

    (In other news, Teeny Snailpants is super-cute, but then I’ve always been fond of snails. Slugs, not so much.)

  10. Andrea D. says:

    I think spiders are cute, especially behbeh ones. I call them “lings” for spiderlings. Also, bats are splendid.

  11. I love bats! Whats wrong with bats? They have big brown eyeses and coolio wings and eats bugses and they rock themselves to sleep.