More Hummingbirds, If You Please!

From The C.O. Mailbag:

“Dear C.O., I love Cute Overload, but I have noticed that you don’t post enough hummingbirds. Hummingbirds conform to many Rules Of Cuteness, namely: #14: If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute. But they also have peeping tongues and disapproving looks! And they nest in the funniest places. I am sending you some photos from this slideshow at the Cornell Labs of Ornithology. These aren’t mine, so I can’t give permission, but here is a link to the slideshow.” -Anna S.

Hummingbird Nest






  1. Aack! The bird on the bird!
    Bird! Bird! Bird is the word!
    Now I well see this picture whenever I hear that song! Thank you! Little bird looks so pleased with himself!
    And yes Humming Birds DO belong on CO!

  2. Sit of the Hummingbird: A Parable for Cute.

  3. It’s hummingbird season here in Kansas and I’ve seen the tiniest little one outside my friend’s house–no bigger than my thumb! Hummers rock.

  4. Dear Anna S.
    Thank you for scholarly entry regarding hummingbirds and the rules of cuteness.
    The committee shall review your submission and upon acceptance blah blergh etcetera…
    We shall henceforth consider these flying jewels as bearers of the cute.
    The absolutely unofficial random commenter who also loves hummers and is grateful for your thoughtful submission!😍

  5. I know from experience how disapproving they can be. I forgot to change the food in the feeder (I thought they were all out eating flower nectar) and one came by, checked out the feeder then hovered with a very grumpy look in it’s face in front of my window (while I was watching) as if to say: “hey! time to fix this!” then zoomed off in a huff. (I changed the food right away)

  6. I agree….more hummingbirds are needed on CO! Such beautiful, tiny creatures a and so endearingly disapproving!