Let There Be KODIE

And so there WAS Kodie.

And he is very VERY good.



  1. *boop*

  2. Really- that’s too much this early in the morning.

  3. What kind of dog is Kodie?

    Super cute!

  4. OMG that is one cute little doggie. And his fur looks so soft. What a sweet baby.

  5. Okay…now I am ded (but happy!) and I’m supposed to be at work! Does CO distribute work excuses? Really, this should be a service offered here! 🙂

  6. This is easily one of the cutest dogs of all time! The cute eyes, the fur style, the cute tiny body! He is perfectly groomed and I Love how he was trimmed close to the skin on his torso. He should receive the cute overload “Top Cute” title of the day!

  7. Ziiing!

  8. Umm, excuse me, Kodie? Would you mind giving me back my soul? I seem to have lost it in those bottomless, liquid eyes of yours. 🙂

    I just wanna know how his hoomins get anything done with THAT staring them in the face. 🙂

  9. Love me some Kodie! 😉

  10. I think that if you look in any dictionary, and look up “Cute Overload,” this picture should be there. Really and truly, this is an epic shot. I look at this photo and shake my head, “HOW can he even be REAL?” But he is.

  11. Diabetics should not look at this sweet puppers without insulin handy!