Panda Population Is Now +3

Good news to all Panda Fanz! China announced yesterday the birth of very rare Panda Triplets!

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The three cubs were born July 29 in Guangzhou.

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Mom Panda Ju Xiao and the three unnamed little dudes are healthy.

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Quoting the AP report, “The triplets were only the fourth known to have been born in the world through artificial breeding programs…”

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“..and there are about 1,600 giant pandas in the wild, where they are critically endangered due to loss of habitat and low birth rates.”

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From Liz L. and Smedley, as seen on SF



  1. Good God, hurry up and get CUTE!

    (Oooooh, I’m gonna get nuffed.)


  3. Gah! I WANT THEM.
    And their names are Mine, Mine and MINE!!!! 😀

  4. So small, can’t believe how big they get, would have thought they would be a little bigger babies!! 🙂

  5. Rhonda B. says:

    Wow…. they are so tiny and cute. 🙂

  6. I love watching their colors start to show. It’s kind of like watching a Polaroid develop. (Youngsters may have to google that reference!)

  7. The ear droplet in the picture 3rd from the bottom has totally ruined me for any future ear droplets.

  8. Could someone please explain the long tails. I thought Pandas had just a stub of a tail.

  9. @Juno: No offense but I think you might need glasses. Those young’uns are impossibly cute! Most bebbehs (hoomins included) at least look somewhat like their adult version but not these guys. It’s hard to imagine those little ones growing up to be pandas. 🙂

  10. Panda’s fame for being difficult to breed n the wild has made too many people think conserving them is a lost cause: But new studies show Panda’s breed quite capably in the wild: and YES wild Panda’s are more numerous in the wild then there endangered fame would have us believe. There’s still less then even the lowest estimate of snow leopards (though higher then the estimate of Grizzly’s in the lower United States) but in the limited mountain range they have, they are genetically diverse and, despite everyone laughing at them for there limited diet, provide an important role to keeping there bamboo-rich habitat healthy for them and thousands of less famous flora and fauna that are endangered for the exact same reasons as Pandas. Conversely if those other animals and plants are to expand in number, it’ll be for the same reason Pandas do, and in a small way BECAUSE Panda’s do. Like forest elephants; Pandas clear paths for other wildlife, prune bamboo patches AND redistribute them around.

  11. OMG! They look like they are covered in cotton fibers! And I am thrilled to find out that their color pattern isn’t limited to just their fur. I always wander if you shaved some animals if their skin would have the same pattern as their fur and I guess with pandas it dose. And NurseNoir, that reference to ear-beans was super funny and cute so you get 100 cute points!

  12. And to answer Mickeyfur, I think they just “fill out” with the fatness so much in their tocks area when they mature that their plump bodies outgrow their tails.

  13. Tai Shan was called “Butterstick” until he got his propah name (after 100 days), because that’s how big he was when he was born.

  14. Eeek! Once the black starts coming in, they are unbearably cute.