One Post. FOUR Rules.

Two! Two! Two Ferrets In One!

“Dear all, please find attached a picture of my ferrets Ron and Puff (Ron on the bottom and Puff on the top.) They are sleeping (surprise surprise) in their favourite place, in their purple hammock! I do believe that they are covering the following Rules of Cuteness:

#20: Showing your paw pads is cute.
#46: A yin-yang position for two animals is cute.
#49: If you curl up into a circle when you sleep, that’s cute.
#99: Peeping tongues are cute.*

Kind Regards, Kelly, Ron and Puff, BIG fans from England.

[*Note: Don’t see the peeping tongues, but we’ll let it slide. -Ed.]



  1. The top ferret has his tongue peeping out!

  2. I’m pretty sure the ferret whose head is at the top of the pics tongue is peeping!!

  3. Sowmya Dakshinamurti says:

    Solve this mystery now! The People have spoken! We call for an immediate tongue-hance.

  4. Here, here! I second that motion! Tongue-hance!

  5. Puff’s little tongue is definitely peeping!


  7. Please to tongue-hance!

  8. I agree with the others…Puff’s tongue! Tongue-hance please 🙂

  9. Having little vampire fangs peeping out should be a rule too!

  10. There’s totally a tongue on the top widdle guy!

  11. Best picture of ferrets, ever! I generally think that “having fur” could be on the Rules of Cute, too, as it goes 🙂 xxx