Hello, I’m Your Substitute Dog

Good morning, assorted trespassers and ruffians. My name is Mrs. Flapnacht, and I’ll be guarding the house today. Now, just because the regular dog is out sick, that doesn’t mean you can march in here and take things! I am every bit as vicious as she is! I’ve got massive fangs, and razor-sharp claws two inches long, and… all right, who am I kidding here, the flat-screen TV’s just down the hall, help yourself.


Via Gerry Thomasen.



  1. I think the substitute is awesome! I would Love to snorggle him!

  2. Now I know why it was a funny looking “dog”, (lol), it’s the stand in. That was funny, NTMTOM.

  3. I dunno. That’s a pretty intimidating look. I’m not sure I’d want to go up against that cat.

  4. Maid to the cats says:

    I think the attack cat is much more effectient. Stealth and those claws. The darn dog only barks and pretends to protect you.. the attack cat sneaks up on you and sinks the claws in. I vote attrach cat (but the sign wouldn’t be at intimidating I guess).

  5. Oh, that attack dog? Yeah, I ate him. Booyah!!

  6. “Forget the dog-beware of the cat!”

  7. 😆 I second that, Donna 😆 There should be a “Never Mind The Dog! Beware Of The Cat!” sign on that gate 😆

  8. And naturally I can’t see a “beware of dog” sign without thinking of…

    Far Side cartoon

  9. What makes you think I am not a dog?

  10. That cat looks like he ATE the dog.