Snorgling Assembly Line

(Say like Foghorn Leghorn🙂 Never ah say ah SAY NEVAH in the history of Interspecies Snorgling has their EVAH been such a classic example! [Note- screaming banshee kid alert @ :24. -Ed.]




  1. That is some SERIOUS ear-nomming! 😯 So cute!

    *raising hand politely* Umm…shouldn’t that be inTRAspecies snorgling…?

  2. Always appreciative of a screaming kid alert….had my finger ready on the volume control.

  3. Thank you @6rabbits. I kept waiting for something that WASN’T a bear to join in.

  4. I’m with @6rabbits; I see snorgling but they’re all the same flavour.

  5. Vanessa (from the Big NZ I learned!) I’ll remember your comment, “all the same flavour” I think it will come in handy when school starts, and the students and I talk about differences and categories, and all of that. Thank you!

  6. Poor babies! All trying to nurse on each other. Away from Mamma too young. 😦

  7. So cute! But more intra-species snorgling, no?

  8. Rhonda B says:

    @ karipatra- Is the gravatar you use your kitty? He/she is adorable! 🙂

  9. I think we’ve been set up. A little honey on each ear and…