ResQte Of The Week (Bonus Friday Edition!)

Cuteporter Morjana C. sent this in earlier today. “First, thank you again for your wonderful site. My daily ray of sunshine (winter,) cool breeze (summer,) and hearty guffaw.

Second, [More importantly. -Ed.]…it’s fire season again. So, there are injured critters. 😦 And the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center is doing their part again in caring for injured bear cubs.”

The LTWC is now caring for their 11th Bear Cub this season, the most they’ve ever had at one time. Wanna make a donation like Morjana did? Of course you do.

[Note: check out the LIVE WEBCAM ACTION. -Ed.] Photo from



  1. Love the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care folks. Good people doing all they can to save the critters.

  2. These LTWC people do such good work. Consider a donation if you can swing it. I did! It is money well spent.

  3. mollykubik says:

    Curious: why do they look as if they’ve been knocked out? Have they been tranquilized in this picture?

  4. This is super cool and would be something awesome to get into. Not to mention cute.

  5. Rhonda B. says:

    @mollykubik- those bears do look out of it, 2 of them have their tongues sticking out.

  6. They may have been tranquilized to reduce the stress of the situation. Anyway, I think these kind people have the best interest of the animals in mind!

  7. they look sooo cuddly!