Friday Haiku Too: Christine Takes Her Shot

“Tiny McSnailersons was almost baked into a red currant muffin the other day. Having escaped this fate, he acquiesced to posing for pictures, perfectly showing off Rule of Cuteness #14 in the process. I sense a Haiku just waiting to be composed here!” -Christine H.

So, we said to Christine, “Sounds great! Write it!” And here it is:

Tiny little snail
Your world gets picked for muffins
You bid farewell



  1. Worst is over now
    Mornin’ sun is shinin’
    Like a red rubber ball

  2. The Cyrkle!

  3. Summer day
    Why is no one home?
    Are they looking at CO?

  4. I sure am glad he avoided catastrophe, for his sake and so we can enjoy his cuteness!

  5. Smartypants says:

    Gorgeous pic! So glad you were looking out and saved him!

  6. vulfhild says:

    Snails can pick up parasites from crawling over animal poop. Please be sure to wash all fruit or berries well.

  7. Escargot and current muffi. Sounds terrible.

  8. That Christine says:

    That was mean, you guys. I’m not even a native speaker and had to google how Haikus work in English! :p

    @vulfhild: Of course we washed the currants thoroughly, not to mention baked them at 200°C. 🙂