Pom -N- Lop

In the first photo (above) Biggie (the Pom) decides to go in for some Classic Interspecies Snorgling with Harvey (the Lop)! Below, he decides to get his Leecks in!

Biggie & Harvey 3
“I’d like to submit these photos of two little buddies, Biggie and Harvey. We had Biggie first and then we got Harvey. Biggie loved Harvey so much he licked his head constantly, until he created a bald spot and we had to put a stop to it!” -Alison P.



  1. Awww this is extremely cute!

  2. So much floof.

  3. And all this grooming will just convince Harvey that he is, in fact, king of the house hold!

  4. Ahem- I’m not surprised Harvey had a bald spot. He already has a little gray hare.

    I’ll let myself out.

  5. This is one of the finest moments in interspecies cuteness pictured yet!

  6. That was a corny joke Phoenix, but it was a super funny one also!

  7. Cute pictures, cute story! Cute is good!

  8. daisycam says:

    “i’ll let myself out.” LOL!

  9. Rabbit named Harvey FTW! But the dog should be Elwood…

  10. Busted out laughing at the Phoenix comment!

  11. LunaChickFringe says:

    As a slave to two buns, I can confirm that phoenix is indeed correct. The puppeh is just inadvertently letting the rabbit know that he (the bunn) is king of the warren,