Toesday Polydactyl ACTION!

This is Ernest. He’s got some Extra Beans, and he ain’t afraid to show ’em off since it’s TOESDAY.

Pictures from The Furrtographer.

Comments from Ernie’s Hoomin: “I took him in as a foster from No Boundaries Animal Rescue.”

“The shelter paperwork from Gilroy (SF Bay Area) said he was ‘aggressive and unpredictable’ and he was slated for euthanasia. He was a sweet angel from the moment I got him.

“I told Amber she wasn’t getting him back the next day.”

“I’ve fostered dozens of cats over the years but this was the only one I couldn’t let go.”




  1. I loff polydactyls! I know a cat who has 2 1/4 extra toes on his front paws, it’s quite spectacular. His feets look like a hippo’s (spread out on the bottom, for walking in a muddy pond). He can catch a mean ball with those big mittens!

  2. petless in Puddletown says:

    What a handsome guy! I love the polys too… used to have one… but those opposable thumbs with claws don’t always let go so nicely.

  3. Cutekotori says:

    Can’t think of anything better than extra toe beans.

  4. What a gorgeous cat! I must say, that right front paw looks almost like there’s a second paw there. In the late 80s (the relevance of the date will become obvious in a second) I knew a guy who had a cat with seven paws. Seriously–three of the cats legs ‘forked’ at the end, so he had a pair of paws on each. They named him, brilliantly, ‘Chernobyl.’

  5. There is certainly more to Ernest than his extra toes, but it looks like they made for a better hold on someone’s heart.

  6. Ernie could be the brother of our Henry, though Henry has the standard number of toes. They’re both handsome, coppery-orange tuxedo tabbies. So glad this fellow did not get euthanized!

  7. “Foster Failure”… That’s what we in the foster/rescue world call someone who fosters a critter, falls in love and keeps it. I should know…I’m a foster failure myself, to my sweet little blind Jack Russell/chih named “Buckey”…(-:
    Sometimes they just grab hold of those heart strings and won’t let go…

  8. What a gorgeous cat! I would not be able to let go of him either.

  9. Kellygirl says:

    What a beautiful kitty! He was just waiting for the right hoomin to display his true personality. Bless you for rescuing him!

  10. Mary (the first) says:


  11. Mary (the first) says:

    AND, the poster-cat for Toesday, for sure!!

  12. Mingles' Mommy says:

    He’s a stunningly handsome fellow, your Ernie. He’s quite a polydactyl, too… my boy Lolo has thumbs on his front paws, but Ernie has him beat!

  13. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs) says:

    Claraluz – My thoughts exactly!

  14. @Tinychih

    More like Foster WIN.

  15. Tony James says:

    Poster-Cat? Surely he’s the Toe-ster Cat for Toesdays (not to be confused with Toaster Cats, the ill-advised and quickly-withdrawn-from-sale Pillsbury breakfast product).

  16. A few more beans than I expected but thanks for posting! I was wandering when we would see some bean footage!

  17. Toesday is one of the best days, thanks for the beans CuteOverload!

  18. we don’t have any Polydactyls (yet) but I adore them. 😀 As for ‘foster-failure’…well, that’s love for ya. 😀

  19. Top two and second from the bottom are my favorite pics!

  20. mauderules says:

    I totally agree with Kellygirl. This is a huge win-win and an inspiration to all to seek their companion animals in the resQte department. I’ve had five, I can vouch foe them.

  21. AWW 😀 I hope that Ernest’s human and him have many long and happy years together 😀

  22. Rhonda B says:

    Ernie, you are one gorgeous boy— yes you are!