Bunday: Bunjour, Mademoiselle Chanel

“I would like to propose Mademoiselle Chanel for your calendar and/or your website. I am a huge fan!” -Annye C.



And of course, the .GIF for ya:



  1. M. Chanel is tres chic! Not so good at hiding, but nobunny’s perfect! 😀

  2. Is that an anti-chew cord around the lamp cable? Where can such things be bought?

  3. I Love the Pic of the bunny reading the paper, that’s super funny!

  4. Did I miss something? Isn’t that “BUNjour”?

  5. Kodalai- I get mine at hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards etc. Usually the ones I get are a ridged, thick plastic, which a bunny can still chomp through but still gives you time to do the “get away from that!” dance. They’re called cord protectors and they’re usually in shops along with zip ties and other cable accessories. Metal tubing like that I’ve seen, but have no idea how to get it around a cord- the plastic kind has a long slit down the side so you can force it open, and if doesn’t a razor will do a good job.

    Cord protectors are the only thing keeping our electronics- and our bunny Rory the Destroyee- alive!

  6. @underwriter- yeah, good one. UPDATED!

  7. I had to laugh at M. Chanel, thinking she was hiding. Then she thinks she can read the paper, upside down, at that.

  8. That gif is pretty terrible 😉

  9. “You don’t see me”

  10. sabrina rose says:

    Chanel is very, very pretty – a perfect calendar candidate! Her markings and expression have that “je ne sais quoi.”

  11. Smartypants says:

    I love that the newspaper headline is “Balancing Beauty with Brains.” Bunneh says “Yep, that was no accident – I picked that.”

  12. It’s aquarium tubing. It’s a bit tedious to cut and get the wires inside but it’s the best things. No rabbit of mine has ever made it through one. The taste of rubber is not the greatest.