Happy Caturday Birthday, Bertster!

(OK, this is a few days late, but Happy Birthday to ya anyway, big guy!)

“Hi! Here’s a photo of my exotic shorthair, Bert, on his 7th birthday wearing a cupcake crown. He clearly loves it.” -Becky.

[He does? How can you tell? -Ed]



  1. I can’t help but observe that Bert bears a striking resemblance to Queen Victoria. This, perhaps, may explain why he does not look at all amused!

  2. He has an amazing combination of hilarious and cute for his face that is rarely seen! Kinda of reminds me of something like Maru and the Grumpy faced cat if they bore off-spring. I Love his face, it’s adorable!

  3. Mikeyfur says:

    Happy Birthday, Bert. Pay no attention to what anyone says about your cupcake crown…you wear it well!

  4. He looks like the flat-faced cat.

  5. I think Bertster was plotting his revenge as this picture was being taken! :D. Hope your birthday was happy anyway, buddy, and many happy returns!

  6. Meow!

  7. Emmberrann says:

    Bert seems less than amewsed by his new accessory, more like Impending D… oh, never mind.

  8. A look of pure joy on his face.

  9. 😆 Bert looks like he is plotting how to deal with you, Becky 😆