I’ll Have One Shiba Inu, Please.

As spotted on Bored Panda: this small store in Tokyo has one of the friendliest (and furriest) clerks you’ll ever meet!



  1. I love how he looks at Mom first to see if he could have that snack. Good boy, don’t take treats from strangers!!

  2. anonymous coward says:

    you have to love the way he (she?) opens the window at first, as if he is going to say “can i help you?”.
    oh, that look!

  3. I like that this young guy (teen?) set out to meet the shiba, and he seems so thrilled by it–from getting his hand licked, to taking the pictures he saw online, but this time with his own camera-phone. Sweet kid, sweet dog, sweet shopkeeper.

  4. What…?! I though the dog was going to wait on that guy!

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    May I pet that doggie in the window?

  6. Hug!!!

  7. gretelhallett says:

    I can recognise one word from this – ‘kawaii’, which means ‘cute’ in Japanese – it certainly was!