Friday Haiku: Snail Tales

Meet at the tree stump
We’ll swap tales and tell lies
Til the evening comes

“Hi, Here is a picture of some snails socialising* on a tree stump this morning in my garden in Thornton Heath aka ‘poor man’s Croydon.’ You may have heard of it on Crimewatch. [Nope. -Ed.]
Many thanks, Andy A.” [*British spelling alert! -Ed.]



  1. Or…or…just hear me out…

    Meet at the tree stump
    We’ll kiss & make-out
    Til the morning comes

    I like my version better thank you very much…

  2. Internationals!
    British, American snails,
    Discuss love of noms

  3. Not a Haiku…

    I’ll meet you halfway
    More than twice that distance if need be
    ‘Tho it take forever…
    Forever, an instant, a butterfly’s kiss
    I am yours and you are mine,
    ‘neath the boughs of long gone trees…

  4. The snail replied “Too far!”
    With a look askance;
    “I will not join the dance.”

  5. It sure is common
    To miscount the syllables
    Or forget the rule.


    Come out of your shell.
    I want to see how you’d look
    If you were a slug.

  6. Thornton Heath alert:
    Be on the lookout for two
    Slimy snailios…

    That is all.

  7. Jenny Islander says:

    We are just two snails
    Getting our snaily freak on–
    Yay, a lookie-lou.

    (srsly doesn’t anybody else know that those snails are giving each other a, er, special hug?!)

  8. Madame X, your poem is lovely, it stands on its own, with or without the photo.