Does This Thing Have Handles Or A Step Ladder?

Satara The Sphynx Kitteh tries to get to the top of Simba The English McBulldoggersons without much success! But you know the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed…” From Mail Online. More videos of these guys are here.

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  1. Puppersons must have skin like leather! What a sweet patient dog.

  2. Where is Marc Anthony tag when we need it???

  3. Alice Shortcake says:

    When mini-Gollums attack!

  4. Satara are you sure you want to rub yourself on THAT end of you friend?

  5. Is the Mc prefix appropriate for an English Bulldog?

  6. the qte characters put me in mind of the cartoon with the bulldog and the kitten named “george”. the script is entirely different. their relationship gives new meaning to patience and persistence 😉

  7. Love how the puppeh takes it all in stride! He must be such a nice, warm place for his hairless kitty friend to take a nap, providing the kitty manages to stay on! 😀

  8. Can you get more marc anthony than a kitten ‘kneading’ a doggy’s back before taking a nap?

  9. She’s probably cold from going around nekked all day.

  10. The doggeh has skin like leather. Or he’s like ‘aw,it doesn’t hurt THAT bad’.
    I think cats and dogs have an odd fascination with each other’s bum areas which in my home sometimes results in hissing and swatting. Though it’s kind of funny when one of the girl cats takes a sniff of the dog’s bottom and then makes the ‘feh’ face.

  11. AWW 😀 It looks like dear sweet little Satara The Sphynx Kitteh wants to play with Simba The English McBulldoggersons 😀

  12. another cute kitty in action:

  13. Oh–I just found a 2-minute video of the kitteh cuddlefest I just posted!