Dinner, $30.00. The Look On That Face? PRICELESS.

[So, let’s see, what to eat…what to eat. OK. I’ll have the Filet Mignon, medium-rare. Hmmm…what looks good, ah! Some home fries with that…a tossed salad with Ranch, ah…and a huge dish of vanilla ice cream I can smash my face down into! And don’t forget the sprinkles.]

“This is Fenway, my 2 year old Pomeranian-Bijon mix (Pomachon.) He may very well be a Muppet. He loves cheese, boys, running into things when he’s excited, and watching Nick Jr. His big Googly eyes are almost as big as his heart.” -Shira H.



  1. awwww!

  2. Love this, thanks for posting it

  3. What an adorable friendly face. A delightful dinner companion, no doubt.

  4. LOL, He does look like a Muppit! So sweet!

  5. That’s just the best name for a dog.

  6. Love seeing dogs at restaurants. Our corgi is a “lady who lunches” and she loves it as much as we love taking her!

  7. So enjoyed what Shira wrote about overloaded with cute little Fenway. Especially the “running into things when he’s excited” part.

  8. Excellent name!
    What a sweet doggerson…you can lose yourself forever in those beautiful eyes.

  9. Fenway, what big eyes you have! “All the better to charm you hoomins!” Such an adorable little dude!

  10. He has the Bichon eyes! Deep pools of emotional blackmail! My Trixie uses them very effectively to get her way all the time.

  11. It really doesn’t get any cuter than this. What an adorable, happy, sweet little face.