Thanx To Scooter, We Revisit Rule #96

Last week, we rolled out a new Rule, and it’s proven to be quite pup-ular. To refresh your memory: “If your (or someone else’s) ears or tail cover your face for the purposes of sleeping, that’s cute.”

Damn straight.

“This is my friend’s puppy, Scooter. I think if you were to look up Rule of Cuteness #96, you’d see this pic of Scooter beside it!! There must be another cute rule about “Vogue-ing” for the camera in this second pic.” [Sorry, no Madonna here. -Ed.] -Forever a fan of CO., Ellen F.”



  1. I see an ear AND a tail in the first picture. Good job with Rule #96, Scooter!

  2. arielemc says:

    Is his tailio in his mouf?

  3. Oh such a come-hither pose in the second picture! What a doll! 😀

  4. Smartypants says:

    90-degree Baroo in second pic – what a wonderful smile!

  5. @arieleme, it looks like it is. Guess that makes Scooter a Dog Ouroboros.

  6. I would be face down in that belly so quickly…