ResQte Of The Week: Ya Gotta Have HEART

Clipboard01“In May my partner Diana and I helped out at a no-kill cat & dog shelter called HEART in Tokushima, Japan. The rainy season weather has taken a toll on the cat houses over the years and an influx of residents following the 3/11 disaster meant a need for temporary housing, which has left little room for saving these past 3 years. We’ve launched a fundraising campaign to build a new cat house!” -Ben B.








  1. Saffron says:

    You can use Paypal so it is redonkulously easy to donate!

    These prosh anipals need our help COers! ❤

  2. whawhawhatsis says:

    Donated! What happened to the animals at Fukushima is as heartbreaking as what happened to the people — I hope the CO community can help these good people get their shelter into better shape. Such sweet anipals — I wish I was still living in Japan so I could adopt Sakura, or seventeen of the kittehs!

  3. Donated!

  4. AWW 😦 I wish I could help those dear sweet kitty 😦 I hope they all find new loving forever homes 🙂