National Mutt Day 2014

We cannot forget (and thanks to The Furrtographer, we didn’t) to acknowledge National Mutt Day! Not everyone can (or should) be a show dog- and this post is for you, Scruffmuffins!




  1. Talk about puppy eyes.

  2. I remember when most family dogs were mutts. Very few people had a pure bred or designer dog. The question wasn’t what is he- meaning what breed, but what all is he. The answer wasn’t a solid this, or this and this.. It was I think he’s a little of this, and this…and maybe that…

  3. I want to boop that nose.

  4. What a pretty baby!

  5. Josh, you are the Muttisse of pet photographers!

  6. Oakley, great one!

  7. doomchild says:

    This needs a Schnozzola -tag, stat!

  8. What a love bug!

  9. I’m a mutt, why shouldn’t my dog be? 🙂

  10. Emmberrann says:

    What Em D said.

  11. Excellent, thank you for the post