“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Hole Puncher?”

“I need it for my report!”

Why buy a hole puncher at Staples when you can call Timo The Ragdoll?



  1. Blue Footed Booby says:

    He has a great nom face. Such savagery. :3

  2. jlamusings says:

    vampire Timo! 🙂 I love how kitties can be vicious and adorable all at the same time.

  3. Love it!

  4. Mrs. Norris says:

    Timo say: “That box had it coming!!!”

  5. JussyLee says:

    His teeth sinking in looks soooo satisfying.

  6. To prove that he’s been working HARD all day, Timo is punching his kitty time clock Fred Flintstone style (with the dinosaur…am I too old?).

  7. Hire Timo STAT!! I have TPS reports to file..

  8. RabbitDad says:

    Why not? I’ve gotten a few high-quality paper shredders from the House Rabbit Society…

  9. JussyLee-watching Timo makes me really really want to bite a box! It does look very satisfying!

  10. We do not see her body, so we need Matt Hooper to estimate her size based on the bite diameter….

  11. this is oddly satisfying.

  12. My cat, Schrodinger, does that too. I always thought he did it because he HATES boxes though. He’d chew ’em up, and spit ’em out (and leave my guests wondering if I had box termites or something).

  13. wuyizidi says:

    @hyura – cats chewing on cardboard boxes is internet’s new favorite A.S.M.R soundtrack. http://nyti.ms/1l7Q5kg

  14. addacat says:

    Dracucat! This kitty is dreaming of your jugular vein.

  15. lavren beeh says:

    Cronchhhh! cronchhhh! cronchhhhh!

  16. Jules IW says:

    Around our place we call that, “makin’ snowflakes!”

  17. NoodleArtist says:

    Well I DID need a new hole puncher… this’ll do.

  18. One of our old cats was like this – just liked to poke holes in everything. I mean everything. Packages of food, my sister’s new custom roller shades (!), pills (we found a pack of allergy tablets, with a hole in each of the silver backing of each pill). He was kind of weird that way, but we loved him.

  19. I kept a dry cat food bag that one of my kitties, Diana, (who is now on the Rainbow Bridge) chewed some holes into before I was able to open up the bag to put the crunches into a non-chewable storage can; because shortly after that, we lost her…

  20. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear that, Terri Patee 😥 Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Diana 😥

  21. 😆 Timo The Ragdoll must think the box needs holes in it for some reason 😆