Hey Giddy! Wake UP!!! (Giddy Up!)

“Hi there! This is Hazel Grace, my seven-week-old Golden Puppeh. She’s playing peek-a-boo with her brother Gideon! I would really like to see this on Twitter.” [OK, we’ll tweet it, too. -Ed.]



  1. Love it, thanks for sharing

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Big dog thinks: Why won’t the hoomins save me from this Hazel nut? If she says “Giddy up” one more time…

  3. michelle b adams says:

    Best EVER use of the phrase Giddy Up!

  4. ilikechocolatemilk says:

    Poor Gideon. He’s all: “I don’t think this is what rule #96 meant”.

  5. Poor put-upon Gideon! 😀 They are both adorable!

  6. Funny! Super funny!!!!