Toesday Mojo BONUS!

Anne C. lays some Major Toesday Mojo on us- whew! “I present for your consideration our cat Mojo. I believe he’d be a good candidate to feature on a Toesday because of his BONUS toes: 21 toes all together, including a hidden interdigital claw on his front left paw that we call his ‘Secret Weapon.'”

“Mojo was originally a foster kitten from the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society. He was a thin, sickly baby who cried whenever I put him down, so I had to carry him around tucked into the front of my bathrobe.

“We nursed him back to health with a diet of tuna and fresh goat milk, and after that, there was no way he wouldn’t become a permanent part of the family. Thanks so much for all you do on your website! It’s such a bright spot on the Web, and cheers up so many people every day!”

(Thank you for your kind words, Anne!)



  1. POOZER PAWS 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. What an amazing kitty, and what a great story!

  3. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Bottom picture is all “Holla! Mommy is a foster failure!”

  4. Those are great toes indeed! Mojo is one heck of a handsome fellow in his formal wear. Glad to hear that you found each other and that Mojo’s doing so well after his rough start.

  5. wuyizidi says:

    So many toeses! In that second picture he looks like he’s in a karate stance, ready to uncork a punch with his right front fist, ur paw. Seriously, the thumbs look alarmingly opposable.

  6. I used to have two lovable kitties with extra toes! After a short time, they began to look normal to us and all the normal cats seemed odd…funny how that works.

  7. Cats with thumbs will take over the world. They are already plotting our destruction. At least, mine are, and they don’t even have thumbs.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    Not only does he have lovely toesies, but the last photo shows one of my favorite parts of a kitty, their underarmpits!! OMG so sweet. sigh.

  9. jlamusings says:

    Mary (the first)- Yes! For some reason their kitty pits look like they’re wearing baggy furry PJs to me (weird- I know). I love to poke my all gray kitty in his armpits because 1) there’s a little bit of white in them and 2) he looks so horrified that I would invade his space

  10. Cat burglar failure, leaves behind too many finger prints.

  11. Emmberrann says:

    Wonder if he’s ticklish….

  12. whatthelump says:

    Love that hint of pink bottom lip in the 2nd photo! Both my tuxies have black lips I believe. Just wondering, what does his tag say under “Mojo”?

  13. wuyizidi says:

    @whatthelump: I believe it says “Indoor Cat”.

  14. Rachael says:

    There’s no question that this is One. Handsome. Guy! Between the toebeans and the pits, it doesn’t get any better. 🙂

  15. Looking at his left front paw (so mitten-shaped), I hereby dub Mojo a citizen of the lower pennisula of Michigan. He can point to his choice of home city if someone asks! 😉

  16. Uh-oh-a cat with THUMBS!

  17. Tuxie Toesies!

  18. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with your dear sweet kitty, Mojo, Anne 😀

  19. doomchild says:

    @wuyizidi, my thoughts exactly. Those thumbs look way too opposable for a Feline Overlord… I’m scared :/

  20. Very cute kitty but nursing a cat back to health with tuna and goat milk is not the best choice as far as nutrition is concerned.

  21. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    Wow. With mitts like that, she’ll be frying up eggs in a pan on the stove one of these days, or working a computer, going to Cuteoverload, of course 🙂

  22. Rhonda B says:

    Mojo looks very happy and content, nice job Mojo’s hoomins! 🙂

  23. Mingles' Mommy says:

    What a gorgeous kitty…and a polydactyl to boot! Hemingway would have loved him. (As would I… being the proud mama of a poly myself!)

  24. Thank you for all your compliments! Not to worry about the goat milk and tuna, Elke. He was so sick that he wasn’t eating or drinking at all, so we just had to entice him with the tastiest things possible. A day or two of goat milk and tuna (plus tuna water to keep him hydrated), and his appetite reappeared. He’s been eating normal cat food ever since. 🙂