Caturday Night On Fox: When Cats Prowl!

(Say like amped-up Fox announcer:)

FOX-TV-logo“We’ve brought you every show we can think of and added an exclamation point. Now! Comes! When Cats Prowl! Our hidden cameras see what they’re really doing when we’re NOT there. TONIGHT. On FOX!

fotografia 1

fotografia 3

fotografia 2
“Hi! This is Rosinha again, you’ve met her with her Beaker (one of the Muppets) plush! She just figured out where we keep the good stuff. These were shot by my mom! We hope you like them as much as we do!” -Catarina M.



  1. What a beautiful scoundrel.

  2. Fixin a tuna-salad sandwich and a beer.

  3. He he! World’s most beautiful thief!

  4. Rosinha has good reason to prowl the fridge! I’ll do my grocery shopping first thing tomorrow.

  5. Every night, after her humans are asleep, Rosinha opens the fridge and applies one white cat hair to every exposed food item on the shelves. Its a little thing but shows she was there and she cares (thinks Rosinha with cat logic).

  6. Dear CO
    Is that Fox show an actual thing or are you pulling my chain?
    With much anticipation,

  7. 😆 Looks like Roshinha is looking for some tasty tuna or chicken to snack on 😆

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    She looks just like our old cat Cleo!