Can I Set My ‘Tocks On Yer Nose?

This kitteh is TOTALLY using this OMGPony for his/her benefit. And the OMGPony seems totally OK with that.




  1. Of course the pony’s OK with it–they love attention and petting, too!

  2. Two cuties, that horse is patient with the sweet kitty.

    Love the coloration on the cat, but she really really needs to be spayed!

  3. Isn’t there an Interspecies Snorgling tag? Looooove this!

  4. I now pronounce you cat and horse. You may kiss the cat!

  5. I saw a photo book called (I think) Cats in Love which had photos like this. The cat headbumped the horse’s nose, as cat friends do to each other, and then the horse gently nibbled the cat’s shoulders, as horse friends do to each other.

  6. That kitteh is so sweet! I bet the horses love having her around! 🙂

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    That kitteh is totally saying, “Pet me already, hoomin! I’m at the perfect height!”

  8. vulfhild says:

    Butt display is a kitty sign of trust.

  9. AWW 😀 The kitty is friends with the horse 😀

  10. jo, she’s probably a farm kitty they don’t get spayed so they can have lots of pest controlling kittens. She’s so cute and poofy

  11. Rhonda B says:

    Every horse barn I have ever been to has always had cats, and they are always very friendly. Like Alice said, they are there to control the pest population.