Takin’ A Bunday Morning Snooze

“This is Miss Georgie getting some Bunday cuddles from Mumma Jo on a cold winter Sunday in Melbourne, Australia. She fell asleep so we were able to get a sneaky shot of her snoozing her little heart out. She lost her litter brother Houdini on Wednesday 😦 so she has been getting lots of hugs.” -Joanne B.



  1. What a darling bun! So sad about Houdini–hugs to your family.

  2. prinsas says:

    ear-resistable she is. wishing her sweet bun-dreams. so sorry about her little brother . . .

  3. Aww, she looks so angelic. Sorry about brother Houdini. The death of a pet is always so sad.

  4. OMG, so cute!

  5. Mom Jo rocks because of cuddling cute bunneh and wearing shirt with Elvish on it. ❤

    I am so sorry about the loss of Houdini. 😦 Sending warm thoughts to you……

  6. Kristin says:

    Such a beautiful bunny! I love to see sleepy, cherished animals — they always look so peaceful. So sorry about Houdini!!!

  7. Life is good…..

    So sorry about Houdini.

  8. Tinychih says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that her bun-brother, Houdini, has disappeared.
    I really am sorry…it’s always sad when a pet crosses the Bridge.
    ….but I couldn’t resist….

  9. 6rabbits says:

    Miss Georgie is adorable–luv da earz! My deepest sympathies for Houdini’s passing. {{{hugs}}}

  10. Too sweet! 🙂

  11. Man, does that look like a good nap…

  12. Mingles' Mommy says:

    She’s just beautiful!