Success! I Haz Defeated The Stick Thing!

[And now I shall drag it back to my private lair! The Stick Thing shall never defeat Timo!]



  1. Reminds me of Maru playing with his fave toy XD

  2. I love the way Timo ignores the large pet bed and heads for a secret lair that the camera never gets to see …

  3. 🙂 Hee hee.

  4. Mikeyfur says:

    Yep…that stick is sorry now. Beautiful cat.

  5. I might be starting to love Timo as much as I love Maru.

  6. Meekster says:

    One concern from this wonderful video is this lovely cat ingesting more of the string when alone with his prey. I was told to watch carefully when kitties have string – their tendency is to eat it, getting the string down inside & it cannot be pulled out safely. When we adopted our 2 kitties, we were told strings, unsupervised, could be deadly.

  7. kittentoes says:

    What beautiful floof!

  8. The haughty/gloating tail angle when Timo steals away with the string makes me laugh!

  9. 😆 Timo certainly know where to hide the cat toy 😆

  10. Love it, love it! Mine do the same thing all the time. I have 5 cats and they all have their own fave toy. My tabby will bring it to me and drop it at my feet or in my bed when he is done. I am sure glad it’s a toy mouse and not the real thing!

  11. And still has claws. GOOD FOR YOU, human! ❤ the floors, too.