Cooper & Daisy Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

(And we figured this was worth the Encore Presentaysh. This has been a tricky video clip. We post it, they take it down, we find another one, that goes down. I think this is #3.)

Thanks to Mark P. for the tip.



  1. heh! that is hilarious. Cooper is great white shark with ice cream while Daisy is such a lady! I was surprised Cooper could restrain himself while Miss Daisy got a few licks in.

  2. Copperbat says:

    “coz Cooper…”

    YEOWMP!! nomnom*smack*nom

  3. Great white shark of ice cream–that describes this beautifully!

  4. Mehitabel says:

    Er, perhaps you should consider asking for permission from the owner before posting the video. It’s likely not a coincidence that it’s taken down after being featured here.

  5. @Mehitabel: that video was featured on hundreds of sites, not just CO.

  6. Such sweeties! I would share my ice cream with them anytime (and I love ice cream)!

  7. Can dogs get brain freeze?

  8. I was wondering that too, Gayle! Watching that made my teeth hurt!

  9. Those sad eyes while he’s looking at the icecream cone… 😀

  10. I’ts cute, but it isn’t healthy for Dogs or cats to eat ice cream, dairy or anything sugary- especially chocolate!
    if you love your pets please give them Treats specifically made for pets!
    Look up Foods toxic to pets & note the foods that should be kept away from pets.

  11. Rhonda B says:

    I love Cooper! 🙂