Bunday: Colorado Bun UPDATE!

“Hello again! I sent some pics about a month ago of a litter of baby cottontails we fostered after they were dug up by a neighbor’s dog. We ended up taking them to a rescue because we were loving on them too much and they were getting too used to our cat. They were later released back into our neighborhood a few weeks later and have made themselves at home in our yard! I recently spotted one raiding carrots from one of my container gardens and thought you’d like to see! I’m also sending a photo of the whole litter during a nap just before we took them to the rescue. A fan from Colorado, Lynne H.”




  1. Ooh, bebeh buns. Thanks for the update. How neat they come to your yard. So much for the garden. I know it’s best to release them back to the wild but I don’t know how well I would have done.

  2. I would like a full wreath of napping cottontail bunnies please.

  3. Kind of wish there were two or three more bunnies to complete the circle

  4. kiseklieia says:

    THAT IS RIDICULOUSLY CUTE! I love the semicircle of babies at the bottom. I know that hand-raised baby cottontails often don’t survive, but I also know that cottontails can live on their own relatively early, so I’m guessing that the family didn’t have these bunnies for very long and they were close to weaning age by the time they were found.

  5. Lynne Hyde says:

    Kiseklieia- Aren’t they just adorable? We rescued them when their nest was destroyed by a dog and had them for around 10 days. The first week we fed them milk every 4 hours around the clock, then started them on grass. We weaned them off milk right after that (from the advice of a bunny rehabber). We took them to a rescue soon after as we were getting too attached to them and worried they would be too used to people. The rescue usually releases bunnies back to the same area they were found so that’s how they returned to our yard. We were lucky they all survived as we were told they are notoriously hard to raise and release back into the wild.
    Kar- We kinda wish there had been more to complete the circle too. 🙂

  6. Smartypants says:

    Lynne H. – congratulations on your awesome work! So glad it had a happy outcome and that they come back and visit with you. Hope you & your family will have may happy years (and more pix!) with them.

  7. Smartypants says:


  8. Emmberrann says:

    The picture looks like there were some slices taken out of the bun – dt cake!

  9. gerdiemonster says:

    oh. my. glob. that is all sorts of wonderful!!! 🙂