Bun Birthday Breakfast (For Three)

“Hi Cute Overload! Here’s a picture of my bunny, Avalon! Tuesday was her birthday. I adopted her from a Rabbit Rescue (SaveABunny) when she was 3 months old. Lookit her now!!” -Trish.



  1. Wonderful Smile 🙂 ~Many Blessings~

  2. What an awesome birthday party! 🙂

  3. prinsas says:

    you know it’s a good one, when it comes into view, and you say aloud, “oh fer cryin’ out loud . . . the cute is going to kill me.” this is one of them. Happy bun-day, every day 😀

  4. Aunt Carol says:

    Happy Birthday, Avalon!
    You are the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen.

  5. This is a super cute party! I would Love to dine with them! Happy B-day and please keep up the good work!

  6. Avalon is a much loved bun (my term for spoiled). A birthday party, what a neat idea. If my bun, Pepper, saw anything but the food plate, she would be too hesitant or throw things out of the way.

  7. Wait…meezer bunbun??


  9. Hi! I’m Avalon’s Mom and I can’t believe I forgot to say she’s now 10 YEARS old! How bunny-awesome is that? Geez, that’s the whole reason I sent the photo, to celebrate her 10 hoppy years.
    …maybe I’ll send a follow up photo to let you know……
    Thank you for posting, she is loving the attention.