File Under “Gossip”

“… and so Mrs. Wiggles, that’s that nice Schnauzer I see on Thursdays, well she won’t let her puppies play with the Robinson’s puppies across the street anymore since Mr. Robinson flipped out and bit the mailman. And the dogs in that house aren’t very well behaved, either, I can tell you!”


“He loves getting his nails done,” says Redditor shazolin.



  1. Lucky dog!

  2. nichellen says:

    LOL too funny. I ❤ the face!

  3. Same look I have when I get a pedicure!

  4. que charme!

  5. Hovertext reference wins.

  6. TheIglets says:

    Nothing like a pawdicure to make a canine SMUG!

  7. Malinki says:

    @Aidan Fortner
    Yeah, but I was hoping for a “You’re soaking in it!”

  8. jlamusings says:

    My stars…. you must meet a lot of interesting people… *file file file* (hahaha! Love the hovertext)

  9. I am getting a pedicure tomorrow. Would love to see a cute doggie like this a my appointment!

  10. prinsas says:

    she’s a dog charmer, all right. i’ve never seen a dog this calm while getting paw-d-cure, without anesthetic.