One Second After This Photo Was Taken…

…well, let’s just say it did not go well. (Update: JAWS theme added by request.)

unnamed (2)
Mylo getting ready to drop the hammer on an unsuspecting kitteh, c/o Juliann.


  1. Oh Milo….be good🙋🙋

  2. Oh dear!!

  3. Tony James says:

    “Let me guess – the dog is right me behind me, isn’t he? Doesn’t think I can see him, right? Lemme tell ya – I knows all, I sees all, and Mylo? Let’s just say this paw isn’t stretched for the heck of it – that mutt gets one step closer, and WHAMMO!”

  4. My money’s on the tuxie.

  5. @Juno, mine too. From look on kitteh’s face, that doggeh is going to get claws of fury on his nosicle in 3..2..1…

  6. Mingles' Mommy says:

    That cat is absolutely stunning. The dog’s cute too. 🙂

  7. Oh, Oh 😆 Mylo is going to find himself getting smacked by that tuxedo kitty in 3 .. 2 … 1 😆

  8. JenDeyan says:

    I feel like the music from Jaws should be playing in the background.

  9. Are you crazy?!? There’s no such thing as an unsuspecting kitteh. Someone’s gonna get the whack and it ain’t the tuxie!

  10. @JenDeyan: We hear and obey. Click the player for your own theme music!

  11. Smartypants says:

    Don’t do it, Mylo, it’s a setup! 😀

  12. Oh jeez this picture is responsible for my workmates thinking I’m broken, I’m laughing so much!

  13. Careful Mylo, this could end very badly.