WIN “I Knead My Mommy” Right Here!

KneadI Knead My Mommy by Francesco Marciuliano is a book of poems about the triumphs, trials, and daily discoveries of being a kitteh. From climbing walls to claiming hearts, these guys bare all in titles like “And Then You Said ‘No'” and “Ode to a Lizard I Didn’t Know Is Also a Pet in This House and I Will Save You.” Adorable photos of the poetic prodigies will give readers a glimpse into their confused (and curious) feline minds as they encounter the world around them.

We’ve got four copies to give away! Send an email- click this exact link (it will open up automatically): cuteoverload at gmail dot com. Include your complete mailing address + phone. Overseas entries are OK! We’ll take ’em ’til Noon PT on Sunday the 20th, then choose the winners at random. (One entry per person, no purchase needed, mwah mwah mwah.) Winners announced Monday the 21st at 6am PT! (The title goes on sale August 5th, FYI.)





  1. I Could Pee on This is hilarious, so I expect the same from this sequel (prequel?). Because there was no CO calendar for 2014, I went with ICPOT as a substitute,

  2. nuri148 says:

    You realised that for us Doctor Who fans, the line “are you my mommy” is anything but cute, right?

  3. AWW 😀 I just LOVE books about cute little kitties 😀