You Is Having Bad Dream?

[I will come over and lay down on your head and make you feel better.]


  1. So adorable!

  2. Such sweeties!

  3. Awww, what a sweet bebeh! 🙂

  4. ShazzaNorth says:

    now i’m dead….

  5. Too sweet.

  6. Rachael says:

    I know that would make me feel better if I was having a bad dream.🙂

  7. sabrina rose says:

    Goldens are the best – such empathy. So dear and lovable with their people and each other.

  8. Dogs are the best.

  9. But…. what if it was actually a chase-y dream? Maybe the puppy woke the big dog up right before he could catch the squirrel??

  10. dolphin815 says:


    *five minutes later*


    Yes, Goldens really are the best.

  11. Agreed Sabrina Rose…that’s why they make such good rescue dogggies…there’s much humans can learn from them.


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