ResQte Of The Week® is usually every Thursday, but this came in on Friday morning. And besides, if we make the rules, we can bend ’em, right? Susan H. says: “My amazing friend Carolyn has rescued an orphaned Baby Cottontail Bun that she found on her lawn recently.”

“The little Bun Bun was only a couple days old when she found it, eyes not even open yet, and she’s been feeding it and keeping it safe. At the moment the little guy (gal?) is hanging in there and eating eagerly. Thought you might like the pictures…maybe for Bunday?” [Oh, I’d agree with that. -Ed.]




  1. Every bun picture makes me melt but especially bebeh buns. I just want to hold and cuddle the leetle, precious fella. It makes me sad to think something may have happened to its mommie.

  2. gangewifre says:

    i hate to be a downer, but most buns that folks find alone aren’t in fact orphaned. mama leaves them to go fetch food. it’s important to leave a found bun alone. there is a great trick of putting a circle of salt or flour around it, waiting several hours, and checking to see if the line has been disturbed. if it’s been disturbed and the bun is still there, it’s safe to say mama was by to check up and the bun is not in fact orphaned. it’s sad to think a mama returns and her baby bun is gone. 😦

  3. Very cute. As a reminder, Mama rabbets ofter leave their baby bunnies alone during the day, and only come back for them at night. Its recommended that you not rescue them unless you are sure they actually are abandoned. For more information: http://rabbit.org/faq-orphaned-baby-bunnies/

  4. Elke Landenberger says:

    I think most people don’t understand how difficult it is to wean a wild baby rabbit and have it not die when introducing solid food. It needs certain enzymes and I believe the baby rabbit should be taken to a wildlife rehabilitator to ensure its health and chance of survival. As cute as the baby rabbit is we need to do the right thing for it…

  5. Wildlife Rehabber says:

    I don’t know the details of this person and rabbit’s situation, so I am not judging her actions. However, many “abandonded” or “orphaned” baby rabbits are still being cared for by their mothers, and it is normal for her to leave them in the nest during the day while she is out feeding. Unless they are injured, in immediate danger, or the death/absence of the mother can be confirmed, it’s usually best to leave babies where they are. 🙂


  6. SoccerSue says:

    These baby buns were out in the open and a crow was attacking them. One other baby had been so severely injured by the crow it didn’t make it. That’s why she took this one in- so it didn’t suffer the same fate. Oh, and she is looking into wildlife rehab centers.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Dear helpful citizens, there were 3 babies – one had been deceased for what appeared to be a coyple of days. Two were being attacked by a crow. One of the two under attack had been mortally injured – died within a few minutes. The baby bunny in the picture had fractured skull. The were not in a nest, and we did try to find the nest from which they came. Despite my best efforts, the bunny survived for 6 days.

  8. Sounds like you assessed the situation and took appropiate action. Even though you tried to help, it was too much for the leetle bun to overcome. :(. It’s just sad how nature can be. Bless the bebeh buns little hearts.

  9. Thank you, Julie – I appreciate that. I did as much research as possible, found the best instructions that I could on feeding and weaning cottontails. Bought the most highly recommended rabbit milk substitute & a natural intestinal enzyme product. Kept it warm, safe, and fed and kept an eye on the odd bulge on the one side of the top of her head. (She had a little blood on her head when we took her from the crow.) I was hoping that it was nothing, but when her eyes opened it appeared that her right eyelid was paralyzed. As cute as baby bunnies are, I would obviously agree with the comments that recommend leaving them be. In this particular case, I felt it was our obligation to act exactly as we did.

  10. Elke Landenberger says:

    Thanks for saving the bunny from the crow but I would always recommend handing an injured wild animal over to a trained wildlife rehabber. They can administer medical treatment and also humanely euthanize if the animal can’t be saved instead of letting it slowly suffer and die.

  11. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Oh, Carolyn – I’m so sorry. You did all you could for the little one. Poor precious critters.

  12. JamieDanger says:

    Hi! I translated this article into Italian, Norwegian, and Japanese using Gengo. I hope someone finds this interesting!

    ResQte Of The Week®はいつもは毎週木曜日ですが、今回は金曜日の朝になりました。規則を作っているのは私たちなので、自由に変更することができるというわけです。 「最近、私のすてきな友達のキャロラインが親をなくした赤ん坊のうさちゃんを自分の芝生で見つけて保護するということがありました」とスーザン・Hさんは述べています。

    「この小さなうさちゃんは、キャロラインが発見した時には生まれてからたった数日で、まだ目も開いておらず、キャロラインはこのうさちゃんにえさを与えて安全を確保していました。今のところ、この小さな男の子 (女の子?) は困難にも負けず、ひたすら食べています。いい写真が撮れたと思ったので送ります。バンデーにぴったりでは?」[本当にいい写真ですね。(編集者)]

    ResQte Of The Week® si tiene di solito ogni giovedì, ma questa è arrivata venerdì mattina. Dopotutto, se siamo noi a decidere le regole, possiamo anche fare delle eccezioni, no? Susan H. ci ha scritto: “La mia fantastica amica Carolyn ha salvato un cucciolo di coniglio americano che ha trovato di recente nel suo prato.”

    “Il piccolo coniglietto aveva un paio di giorni di vita quando l’ha trovato, gli occhietti non si erano ancora aperti. L’ha nutrito e tenuto al sicuro. Al momento il piccolino (piccolina?) sta tenendo duro e mangia avidamente. Ho pensato vi sarebbero piaciute le foto.. magari per i lunedì del coniglio?” [Oh, sono perfettamente d’accordo. – Ed.]

    ResQte Of The Week® er vanligvis hver torsdag, men denne kom på en fredag morgen. Og uansett, om vi lager reglene, har vi lov å bøye dem, ikke sant? Susan H. sier: “Min fantastiske venn Carolyn har reddet en foreldreløs bomullshalekanin som hun nylig fant på plenen sin.”

    “Den lille kanintassen var bare et par dager gammel da hun fant den, øynene var ikke engang åpne ennå, og hun har matet den og passet på den. For øyeblikket har han (hun?) det bra og spiser godt. Tenkte du hadde lyst på bildene… kanskje til Kandag?” [ooh, jeg er enig der. -Ed.]

  13. Carolyn–Thank you for trying to help the bunny. You are a good person!