OMG Ponies!11!!!!1!!1! (AND Goats!)

Vajda B. sent this one in. Quoting the “Horse Illustrated” FB page from whence it came: “It suddenly started hailing and all three goats ran underneath Patches,” says Debbie Jewell Dee. “Rather than running for cover, he stayed there to protect his little friends.”



  1. Awww, Patches is a kindly horse. (Good thing it looks like quite small hail.)

  2. marthava says:

    They should change the dictionary definition(s) of cute and narrow it down to one, too – cute:

  3. Mikeyfur says:

    Beautiful horse with a beautiful heart. And the colors of his goat friends nicely compliment Patches colors.

  4. Awww! That just makes my day!

  5. Patches is such a sweet OMGPONY!!1!11!!! ❤

  6. Wish I would have had a huge umbrella to cover precious Patches and her smart, goat friends.

  7. So where’s the next photo with the goatsters trying to jump on the horse’s back?

  8. Oh you cowardly goatersons! Poor, poor Patches.

  9. Po-goata?

  10. It’s still hailing here! You can see white streaks where the camera speed didn’t freeze the motion in front of the horsie’s hind leg (on the goatster) and along the jaw. Horses are the best, and they love their small animals!

    Those goatsies are SO gonna be Patches’ loyal crew from now on… The dude on the right especially looks like he’d be an asset when things are about to go down. 😀

  11. What a sweetie, to stand there for his friends

  12. “Um, guys…could one of you maybe bleat for someone to come with an umbrella?”

  13. What a sweet pony!!