The Legend O’ Buksnort (Cont.)

20140605_0139When last we saw our intrepid little Snorter, (a bad a$$ Alaskan Klee Kai living in the Pacific Northwest) he was bumbling and stumbling over…everything. This has not changed much…except he has discovered large bodies of water.

“Wanted to share some updates on the adventures legendary Buksnort has been on,” says Cuteporter Chelsea P.

“He has learned to leap over tall buildings…howl at the moon…swim the strongest oceans..AND make the best silly faces!”




  1. Malinki says:


  2. Holy moly! That first picture nearly took me out with the tongue.

  3. 6rabbits says:

    He is incredibly cute! *smooch* on the little nose!

  4. You had me at Buksnort! Adorable name for an adorable pooch.

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