[Scuse Me Sir, I Haz Question For U]

[R U a puppeh? I haz not seen one like you before!]




  1. Someone please tell me Bambi is ok. : (

  2. It’s just me but I’d be asking
    1) Where’s mom and is she in a good mood?
    2) Is that fawn ok? He’s so unresponsive.

  3. kagenui1 says:

    The fawn seems stunned. Not sure he’s well…

  4. Katherine says:

    Fauns instinctively sit still to avoid being seen (this works better when they’re in the forest, natch). Maybe that’s what’s going on. It is a little disturbing to see him like that.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Fret not. There is a Part Two to this on YouTube. One of the dudes picks up the adorable piece of patio fawniture and carries him/her to the woods where the other dude has spotted the deer mama. The spotted one scampers away.

  6. How does that fawn not even blink for almost two minutes? The cuteness effect must have been protecting the little deer from all the whappy paws. They seemed to have no effect on him/her.

  7. We found a fawn exactly like this behind our BBQ last summer. I called Fish and Wildlife. They said they get tons of these calls every summer. Their instructions were to leave her alone, she is fine – a newborn. Little fawn doesn’t move, they aren’t sick, it is instinct until mom comes back … don’t give then water, don’t touch them. Momma deer hides the fawn while she forages during the day, until bambi can keep up and is mobile enough to be able to run for safety.

  8. rescue gal says:

    Thank you Oakley. The link to the follow up should be posted for those of who were thinking something was not quite right.

  9. So worried about the fawn, kitty is curious not bad but I hope Bambi is not injured or anything just resting

  10. Kathrynzano says:

    @260Oakley, thank you for that. I feel a little better knowing that the fawn is ok (mostly). Initially I was really upset with those people for letting their cat do that to the deer–it didn’t know the cat wanted to play, and it must have been terrified from that and having the people so close.

    Dear Nice CO people: Would you consider taking down this video, or writing a disclaimer that the fawn wasn’t sick, and that it was reunited with its mom later? It would save those of us who know about wildlife a lot of heartache. I come here to make myself feel better after hard days, but this made me feel worse today instead. 😦

  11. I don’t know why those dudes are just hanging around the baby deer like that – are they chilling out, having a coffee, what?? For eff’s sakes. The little deer seems really, really stressed out. How could it not be? But at least the guy got something to put on youtube, right? Ugh. I just can’t with people and their social media inanity anymore, where common sense just flies out the window, for the sake of getting some [eyeroll] “likes”.

  12. Looking at Part Two, all I can say is what an amazing yard! I would love a back yard like that! Makes me wonder if it is a yard or a park area. Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous!

    I wonder if Mama brought the baby into the yard herself, like others have said happens in their area. Unfortunately, there are no details on the Youtube listing beyond mentioning the cat playing with the deer and returning the deer to the forest.

  13. Susan M. says:

    Any one have the link to part two??? Thanks!

  14. Here’s the link to Part Two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f24GI12Moe4 Belphebe, I agree that does not look like a residential yard, unless it’s a mansion. My first guess is maybe the headquarters building of a botanical garden? I share everyone’s concerns about the fawn, and I wish we knew how it got on the patio to begin with. Did the mother deer leave it there? If so, why on earth? And how; the men have to walk through a gate to get to the woods, and while an adult deer could jump the fence, I doubt the fawn did. Did the men find it, think it was abandoned, and bring it to the patio? I doubt it, since in Part Two they help it up, encourage it to walk off, and when it walks into a wall, carry it out to the woods. If they were going to do that, they’d never have brought it to the patio to begin with, would they? I wish we had more information. The vids were posted 3 years ago, so it’s doubtful any more information is forthcoming. Comments were disabled on Youtube, so maybe there was a lot of criticism when they were first posted. I do agree it’s apparent lassitude was probably an instinctive defense mechanism — stay still and hope everything turns out okay; running will only draw attention.

  15. Saffron says:

    Thanks Oakley and Michael for fawnular update. Am glad the bebeh is OK.

    I did not think it was possible to win a staring contest with a kitteh, but I stand corrected! 🙂

  16. 6rabbits says:

    Due to the total unresponsiveness, this fawn is 1-5 days old! This is what it is supposed to do. The link has guidelines and info for dealing with this situation. With this info, it makes sense that the baby must have been born in that yard, inside the gate, and mom can’t get him out until he’s more mobile.

  17. i’m glad there was a happy ending here. that fawn was frozen with fear, i believe, doing his best to be invisible. standing nearby, filming and letting the kitty “play” with it wasn’t doing the poor fawn any favors. sorry i sound nuffy but there it is.

  18. kodalai says:

    That fawn does have a bit of a thousand-mile-stare, doesn’t it…? “I’ve seen things, kid. Things you wouldn’t believe…”

  19. Crystal says:

    Mother deer sometimes have their babies in a place their babies can’t get out of. My backyard has a fenced in pool area. A couple summers ago, a mother deer jumped inside the fence and had her babies there. Later, when it was time for momma and the babies to leave, she jumped back over the fence but the babies were stuck inside. She hovered around on the outside of the fence while the little ones were making crying noises. I had to sneak down and open the gate before they could get out and rejoin mom.

  20. Jenny Islander says:

    The kitten!

    “Ooooh, big doggie! Play? Play? . . . Play? Okay, not play. Well, if you won’t do what I want to do, maybe I’ll try doing what you want to do. No, wait, this is boring. ARGH HOW TO SOCIAL WITH DEER”

  21. Someone’s been watching ‘The Lion King’ on loop and has delusions of grandeur methinks. What a silly little kitteh!

  22. kodalai says:

    @Crystal, on one hand, deer aren’t terribly bright. On the other hand, the baby was unlikely to be et by a wolf while the humans were around, so maybe they’re brighter than we think?

  23. 6rabbits, thanks for the link. Of all the possibilities, it never occurred to me the fawn was born inside the fence, but it makes sense. I also didn’t think of its being that young! It looked too big, but I guess it was a small cat. Reminds me of Phenomenon (the movie) where John Travolta can’t figure out how a rabbit is getting into his well-fenced garden till he realizes it lives there; it’s not coming in from outside. That’s an interesting list, but it repeats the common information that mother animals will reject young with human scent on them. Hasn’t that been debunked?

  24. We have had a couple of fawns born on our property. So cute, but yes, they look like statues. The neighbors cat came to colse once and the little fawn (bigger than the one in the video) made the cutest honk/squeak noise and ran off to find it’s momma.

  25. Who was filming both parts of this? A midget? The whole thing was filmed a little too low with the best parts almost out of camera reach at the top. Sheesh! Hopefully, the baby fawn found its mama!