ResQte Of The Week 2: Dolphin Drama In FLA.!

What did you do over the July 4th weekend? Unfortunately, this little goober Dolphin got stuck on Redington Beach, which is northwest of St. Petersburg, FL. But don’t worry- it ended OK! 🙂

Quoting this Mashable story, “The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was called to the scene, and rescued the dolphin by removing it out of the water to safety. The FWC is now caring for the dolphin with assistance from Florida’s Clearwater Marine Aquarium, according to local media.”



  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    It looks like it’s being shot from inside a box! 😡

  2. Aww, cute little bebeh. But this video was 30 seconds of baby dolphin, and 3 minutes of peoples legs and bums.

  3. Two questions. One, I wonder how the authorities decide when to merely help a stranded sea creature back to the sea, and when to take it to a rescue facility? Could they tell the baby dolphin was sick or exhausted? Or did they try returning it a couple of times (before the video) and it kept re-beaching itself? Two, a technical question. The top and bottom frames of the video keep bobbing around while the center of the image stays relatively stable. Was it run through some stabilization program? Some sort of after-the-fact Steadicam? Is there an app for that?

  4. Here’s the info from Clearwater Marine Aquarium about this bebeh: