Watch and be amazed at the sweet nature of these gentle blorps. And have the Kleenex ready: this guy got stuck and needed some hoomin help.

Resqte Of The Week, indeed. TY to Cuteporter KB.

California Wildlife Center Marine Mammal Team from Kim Barker on Vimeo.




  2. Yes, this got me. Wonderful stuff.

  3. How incredibly sweet! Anyone know the name of that lovely little ditty that accompanied the video?

  4. Ahem. I loved how he pressed his little nose to the door as they got to the ocean. “It’s so close I can SMELL it!” And how the guy who was ‘steering’ him with the board knew he could turn back once he got within a few yards. “Yeah, I got it from here.”

  5. Swim little blorp, swim. @freetomato, I’d love to know too. Super sweet tune.

  6. Found it….”Where the Ocean Says to Go” by Daniel Nahmod.

  7. These folks are helping to make up for the things other humans do, one blorp rescue at a time

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    If a seal can’t make it in the ocean, what can?

  9. Hehehe, I love how the little blorps move on land.

  10. 4leafclover says:

    What a touching rescue! And I love that folksy hippie song, too!

  11. anncats says:

    made me cry oh Im so glad the baby made it back into the ocean and freedom.