I’m Tellin’ Ya, Eddie, if I Just Had a Hammer and Some Nails, We’d Be Livin’ Like Kings

“… so the living room, that’s where we’d have a big Dumpster. Tip it, roll in it, do whatever ya want. Maybe also a Foosball table. Then on the second floor, nothin’ but beer and honey.”




  1. hee hee hee, NOMTOM. Also: yoga bear!!

  2. Darn! No opposable thumbs. Well, forget about that hammer.

  3. Second bear: “Sure, Carl, that sounds great, Can I finish napping now?”

  4. Smartypants says:

    I’m hearing this dialogue in “Honeymooners” voice – NTMTOM for the win!

  5. Lavren Beeh says:

    I caught a Fish…. This BIG!!!

  6. Got the nails, actually. Just need the hammer 😉

  7. @cath: Yeah, you’ve got a POINT there. (snerk)

  8. These captions are so funny! Luv this! Luv CO!

  9. mplsdeb says:

    “Man…do I need a manicure”.

  10. Lol how do you get such good photos!!!