Look at that face. HOW can you resist? Well, you can’t, obviously. From Imgur.



  1. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (plus 2 kittehs and one firebelly toad) says:

    Umm… maybe it’s just me but I don’t find that thing cute at all. I feel like this post needs a creppy tag.

  2. What a little dolly, very very cute!

  3. Face of LOVE.

  4. Stressfactor says:

    The eyes are just… pools of reflection… it’s cute but at the same time kind of weird looking….

  5. Bebeh monkee AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *head asploshion*

  6. Victoria, It’s because he was heep-noo-ties-zing you. DON’T STARE INTO ZEE LIPID POOLS!!!

  7. HeyWattsUp says:

    It’s like she’s looking into my soul 🙂

  8. Saffron says:

    Those eyes hold the secrets of the cosmos…..

  9. Jenny Islander says:

    You know, sometimes we hoominz misinterpret the expressions of other critters, but I think that face is definitely “Hi! I like you! That thing sure is shiny! Can I have it?”

  10. I love his little Gollum hands!