How ‘Bout….A Bunch O’ BUN Gifs?

Sure, why not? These can’t wait ’til Bunday, no way.






From Teri C. who saw ‘em on The Usual Japan Site.


  1. Starfish says:

    Yawningks, twitchingks and florpingks! Oh, my! I am officially ded.

  2. That last bun looks like it’s either doing the macarena or hand-jiving!

  3. gerdiemonster says:

    i feel exactly the same way, bun #3!

  4. Rhonda B. says:

    Bun #1 looks like he’s having a hiccup- poor buddy! :(

  5. 6rabbits says:

    Reviving from dedness briefly to say
    @ Rhonda B. That is a bunny yawn! Very hard to catch on camera!
    And @ Jodi That paw shaking is what buns do right before washing their face! If the gif was longer we’d see him wet his paws and commence his bath.
    Now, I return to dedness *thunk*

  6. Yay! This just made Tuesday so much better!

  7. buns are the best

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