Triple Sqwerl Assault Course

How greedy are Sqwerls? VERY. Not sure why this says “Double Assault Course,” ’cause this British fellow Steve Barley set up THREE separate assault courses for his backyard buddies to traverse, in order to get the food. Maybe ’cause he only ended up with two sqwerls? Either way- for these maniacs, this is absolutely a MISSION: POSSIBLE.

From Jennifer M. as seen here.



  1. Hee! And just think, my lazy spoiled sqwerls get fed for free, with no obstacle course in their way. Wish I had the time and ingeniuity to come up with something like this!

  2. Raymond says:

    Regarding the second squirrel who stopped just before the target– Did anyone else flash on the OLD Planet of the Apes movie, where the human scientists don’t know how advanced the apes are? The humans put blocks in the ape’s cage, to see if she knows how to build something to reach some bananas hanging from the ceiling. She immediately builds steps, climbs them, and just looks at the bananas. One scientist asks another, “Why isn’t she taking them?” They are shocked to hear her answer, “Because I loathe bananas.” So, that’s what I expected the squirrel to say: “Sure, I can do the obstacle course, but I’d prefer different nuts.”
    Anyhow, great squirrel video.

  3. There’s no picture, but that voice (and the gentleman who goes with it) belongs in the CO calendar.

  4. vulfhild says:

    If anyone hasn’t seen the old BBC video series Daylight Robbery (Grey Squirrels,) get over to YouTube.

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    I would marry that guy.

  6. The narration is half the fun in this! Especially love the part where the pigeon wanders in.

  7. Do you think squrrels look at American Ninja and Wipe-Out and laugh?

  8. Lol @ the pigeon “just for free!”

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I love how you can see their little gears turning as they look at the obstacles. And their tails are like CPU activity lights.

  10. “Don’t stop now! What are you doing, taking a tea break??” LOL…. also loved the “throw in a pigeon, just for free”