Time To Shut ‘Er Down

Gettin’ late- (YAWN.) We’re all done for the night- let’s leave you ’til tomorrow AM with this little friend c/o The Happy Gerbil. (C.O. doesn’t do enough gerbils. That’s just wrong. They’re cute, and besides, it’s a fun word to say, innit?)



  1. “C.O. doesn’t do enough gerbils.” That’s because they’re so active they’re nearly impossible to photograph! When they are still (i.e. asleep) they’re usually buried under a pile of sawdust! My sixth died last week 😦 I might have a few photos from over the years if you’re interested, really not sure though. But many many cute memories. RIP Hiro.

  2. Besides having bunnies, I’ve also adopted gerbils. I love them, their antics can be so funny, especilally if you have a bonded pair. Even though mine aren’t into being held for more than a few seconds, watching them puts many a smile on my face. I’m one of those who was crying, at the vet’s office, when I had to have my one gerbil, named Bandit, put to sleep.

  3. Smartypants says:

    Julie, I’m sorry about Bandit. Gerbils are awesome, and yes, we should see more on CO! I had two as a kid, Chip (after my science teacher) and Emily (don’t recall where I got that name from).

  4. Whoohah says:

    Gerbils are some of the bestest pets a girl can have. I decided to stop only because their short little lifespans would cause so much heartbreak, I just couldn’t do it anymore. They gave me some great stories though! Julie – find an old sweater you don’t care about and offer your gerbies the sleeve, more than a few seconds of fun!

  5. Raymond says:

    They are Wonderful critters. California’s ban on them is sad. I’m not convinced that as pets they would take over a native niche any more than hamsters would, and hamsters/mice/rats/guinea pigs are all legal.

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Gerbees are very cute!! Yes, rodents should have equal time with cats and dogs (well, 30/70 anyway). Why are they banned in California?

  7. 6rabbits says:

    Darn tootin’ CO doesn’t have enough gerbs! Get on that STAT! 🙂
    Gerbils were the first pets I was allowed to have (boy did I have to do a sales job with my dad!) Faline and Flower were true escape artists. Half of the time our after-church activity was tracking down an escapee! (No tank lids in 1977?) Had pair after pair for 28+ years. In my classroom I have dwarf hammies for cuddling and gerbils for entertainment. 🙂

  8. Yay! Thanks for posting!