Bunday Morning Comix

As seen on the Hundeurlaub FB page, original artwork by “Ayka.” We think. Thanks to Aunt Bonnie P.



  1. I have a cat instead of a dog but that is very familiar.

  2. freetomato says:

    I have five dogs. The two smalls and the medium sleep with is. The large and extra large (Boone who was a red white and blue cutie last year) would too if they could fit.

  3. “Babysitting” the grand-dog and this exactly how he rolls…..

  4. Rachael says:

    What? That looks perfectly normal to me. 🙂

    I have a 4 pound chiwawa and I still end up with only about 1/3 of the bed. 🙂

  5. I no this feeling with my dogs when I stay at home x

  6. Stressfactor says:

    I feel your pain Rachel — my 12 pound Rat Terrier is always kicking me to the side of the bed! In her case she ‘runs’ in her sleep and therefore ‘kicks’ me in the side. I scoot away from her but then she scoots back up against me. She almost always has to have some part of her body touching me and over the course of the night I often find myself starting on one side of the bed and ending up at the very edge of the other side of the bed.

    But I love my little crazy-one dearly!

  7. My two kitties are both quite petite but still seem to take up more than their fair share of my bed! Sigh!

  8. You forgot the next pic, when the puppy’s on the floor on top of the guy.

  9. whawhawhatsis says:

    My 6-pound kitteh manages to hog 75% of the king-sized bed between the hubster and me. Our anipals are obviously well trained for maximum comfort!

  10. I’m wondering how you all end up with a whole third or a quarter of the bed? At my place it’s a short edge if I’m lucky. And it’s only 1 cat!

  11. this always happens to me too! I don’t have the heart to push my dog on the side. i wind up sleeping on the floor just so i can get some sleep.

  12. minchumom says:

    This used to happen to me too… only that my bunny chose my pillow to make himself comfortable. I ended up using my arm as my pillow. But, I miss him. My pillow is sad without him.

  13. sleeping over at my friend’s as a teen, her doberman Bridget braced her back against the wall and pushed me off the twin bed we were sharing. sigh

  14. Exactly the same happens with cats,too…..

  15. dolphin815 says:

    Yeah, that’s perfectly normal. I knew a Maltese once who somehow managed to shove me toward the foot of the bed during the night. I woke up to find her curled up in a neat little comfortable ball on my pillow. It was adorable!