The Zen Of Caturday

Not sure which one is more mesmerizing- the bootyful kitteh or the theme music, “Cheer Blossoms” by The New Kyoto Ensemble.

“This is our British Shorthair, Gaiyek! We made a super-treat for her, by cutting up all her favourite foods into sashimi shapes one hot summer afternoon! Her review? Refreshingly yum!” -Cheers,
Adeline S.



  1. Awww how sweet. Love dishing up the soft cat food with the piece of kibble in a little bowl. Assumng that wasn’t really wasabi.

  2. Gaiyek” “You do realize that you’re supposed to serve me dinner like this every night.”

  3. prinsas says:

    i want to be reincarnated as THEIR kitty. mew.

  4. I think that piece of music is a version of the classic, “Cherry blossoms.” Sometimes called “Sakura.”

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love the necktie!

  6. I kept thinking, “Please don’t eat the wasabi… Please don’t eat the wasabi….” I hope it wasn’t!

  7. This kitty isn’t spoiled at all! Nope, not even a little bit! 🙂

  8. Only now do I realize that I should be using the kibble to decorate the top of the wet food, not just dumping it in a heap on the side of the plate. How careless I have been!

  9. @Em D – lol, I was going to write the same. Yes, this is “Sakura” playing over the very spoiled kitty getting sushi treats. :3

  10. Sugimoto, I think with the necktie, the cat is supposed to be the salaryman, the wooden signs make this kitchen the sushi bar. Cute!

  11. There’s a poem in the book ‘I could pee on this, and other poems by cats’ that this reminded me of, it goes something like this:
    Did they really think
    They could hide fish inside
    These little rolls
    Oh the paste, it burns!

  12. Bucky's Mom says:

    Very cute video brightened my morning even more!!!! Gaiyek is so happily spoiled … needs to learn how to use her chopsticks,,,*snerk* So very anerable, though….!

  13. 😆 Gaiyek is certainly one very badly spoiled (who does not badly spoil their kitties) kitty, Adeline S. 😆 I hope you have many long and happy years with your dear sweet kitty, Gaiyek, Adeline S. 😀