Splish Splash We Wuz Takin’ A Bath-

After a long day, where do you clean up? Well, Kristen B.’s house, it seems.

“Hi guys and gals, I thought you might like to see my colourful automatic outdoor pond cleaners. One of these Rosellas spends the better part of its day in this bowl splashing about, making a mess. I think is was a fish in a past life! Shot by me from my parents couch.” -Kristen B. from Victoria, Australia.


  1. freetomato says:

    My husband didn’t have his glasses on – looked over and said “Is that Spider-Man?” Lovely bright birds!

  2. Birdees, yay!

  3. Those are gorgeous birds. I’d love for them to visit me (complete with classical music playing).

  4. Such pretty birds! I love to watch birds in bird baths and at feeders. Thanks for sharing, Kristin!

  5. ringo would like a 30 minute version please.

  6. dolphin815 says:

    Our robins do exactly the same thing, but they’re not nearly as pretty.

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